• European Association for Cancer Education

      European Association for Cancer Education 

      The European Association of Cancer Education aims to improve clinical outcomes through the education and training of individuals involved within the cancer and palliative care continuum and to facilitate communication and networking between those involved in cancer education.

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    • Cancer Patient Education Network

      Cancer Patient Education Network 

      The Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN) is a group of Healthcare Professionals who share experiences and best practices in all aspects of cancer patient education. The overall mission of CPEN is to promote and provide models of excellence in patient, family, and community education across the continuum of care.

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    • American Association for Cancer Education

      American Association for Cancer Education 

      AACE promotes accurate, effective, and focused cancer education by those responsible for the education of health professionals, patients, families, caregivers, survivors and the public. AACE serves as a forum for the advocacy, scientific investigation, development, evaluation, reporting and dissemination of information relevant to this mission.

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